Dog Walking

We know how much better we feel stepping outside in the fresh air and taking in the surroundings, our dogs feel the same.

Dog walking provides a combination of benefits to dogs, not only physical exercise but mental stimulation, socialisation and the chance to explore with their nose. Daily exercise is also important for maintaining muscle tone, preventing obesity and can help with behavioural problems.

Dogs love to sniff - The Dog Nose Best is no coincidence! A dogs sense of smell really is incredible. As humans we find it hard to imagine just how much information our dogs receive from a scent, sniffing is not only a natural behaviour but a valuable tool, like our eyes and ears are to us.

As dog owners we know how important it is to provide our dogs with the best care to benefit their welfare and well-being. Dogs are social creatures and need interaction, being left alone for hours on end impacts negatively on them.

If you cannot walk your dog/s for whatever reason - The Dog Nose Best can provide you with the help you may need.

After making initial contact, our service to you starts with a free consultation we need to meet you and get to know your dog. What they like, what they don’t like, any special requirements, quirks. And you need to meet us to make sure we meet your expectations and give you confidence in our experience.

Some of the areas we cover - Hillingdon, Cowley, Uxbridge, Iver, West Drayton, Yiewsley

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